Christians should care… (Write 31 Days)

Today I asked Facebook, “What is one thing Christians don’t care about, that they should? (Or an issue that, because they are Christians, people should care more about…)”

My Facebook friends are proving themselves to be the most thoughtful, considerate, and reasonable corner of the internet. And making me wish that people from the various seasons of my life could meet in real life.

I am fascinated by the responses, both the variety of perspectives and the way people’s answers reflect their own values and passions.

Over the next 30 days I am going to share my answer to this question: What I wish Christians cared more about. I have about 15 things that pop to mind when I think about what I wish Christians cared more about (I think some of them will surprise you). Some topics will cover several days, and I am also going to lean into a few answers people gave that I personally don’t know that much about. I’ll share what I learn, since it is awfully hard to care about things we don’t know or understand.

I’d love to hear from you: What is one thing you wish Christians cared more about?

Since prioritizing time to write has fallen by the wayside after changing jobs and entering a new season and schedule, I am going to participate in the Write 31 Days challenge. I’m hoping this will jump start me into making time for writing again (though I most likely won’t make all 31 of the days – I’m not going to attempt to write on Tuesdays, as my Tuesdays are 3 days long as it is…)



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