My Day Job

In June of 2018, I fulfilled a desire that had been growing for about 5 years, to spend less time blessing the blessed and serving the Saved. It was hard to let go of college and church-based women’s ministry, but I did it. For the past 2 years I’ve been leading a children’s Bible Club at a local nonprofit in Central Lincoln.

cityimpact_newgym_full-25My life is 100% more diverse, my heart is broken on the regular, and I love every minute of it. Every week I get to tell about 100 kids from hard backgrounds that they are loved by God. It’s the BEST. And often I get to tell their hard-working, trying to hold on to hope mamas (and sometimes daddies & grannies) that Jesus loves them too. It’s hard, it keeps me on my knees, but I get lots of kindergarten-sized hugs every week, so I can take it.


City_Impact_1c_compact_logoCity Impact has been serving Lincoln’s underserved families for over 20 years. Founded by my friend Brad Bryan in the park right by our building, we’ve grown from a couple of college grads trying hard to love their neighborhood to a thriving non-profit focused on teaching, mentoring, and empowering under-resourced communities through wholistic youth, family, and neighborhood development.

We’re a community supported non-profit, so if you’re looking for a place to give, City Impact is a great choice.

I work with an amazing full-time staff, and serve with an even more amazing group of staff and volunteers on Tuesday at City Impact Kids, the Bible Club I direct. If you’re local to Lincoln, you should come check it out and VOLUNTEER. We have a great time, and it’s the most hands-on Kingdom work I’ve found in the US of A.