For the hurting on Good Friday

Extraordinary circumstances can bring the best out of people, true. But they can also bring out the worst. I am not at my best.

I’ve had several conversations with friends and neighbors hurting because of the choices of others who seem to be at their worst. Spouses and partners. Parents. Children. Bosses, businesses, landlords. Customers, coworkers, fellow shoppers, Facebook friends. Politicians. People.

I’m not excusing behavior that harms others, we should all work extra hard right now to choose kindness and common good. We can also give each other grace, we are not at our best.

My heart is heavy today for those who are hurting because someone else is at their worst.

Protestants prefer our empty crosses, because God is alive (hallelujah, we are Easter people.)

But today, on Good Friday, when so many are not their best selves, hurting because pandemics apparently can bring out the worst in people… I am thankful for the crucifix. For Jesus on the cross, suffering from the worst this broken world had to offer.

To my friends who are hurting: Jesus understands. He suffers with you. He sees. He knows. He is Emmanuel, God with you, with you in this hurt.

And this is not the end.

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