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Step away from the crazy this Christmas season, and join me in a posture of quiet, learning from some of my favorite promises in the Bible.

•Scripture readings and devotional thoughts, intended to be read daily starting on December and ending on Christmas day.
•Daily journaling prompts, so that you can take what you’re learning and plant it deep in your own life.
•Weekly conversation starters, for use in family and community advent discussions.

Advent is a season of waiting. What are we waiting for?

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Welcome to my corner of the Internet!

Hi There! I’m Renee.  I’m so glad you stopped by.

Look up to your right… That’s where you can find my writing. Blogging when I choose to (which isn’t as often as it used to be), and free devotionals and resources whenever you want them.

Like nearly everyone else in the world today, you can also find me on the socials. Facebook as necessary and Twitter mostly when I’m live tweeting award shows. I’m most active on Instagram, where I post what I’m doing (sometimes), thinking (more rarely these days) and reading (nearly all the time). Every month I post short reviews of everything I’ve read in my stories/highlights (I read a LOT of books, I’m over 100 this year already).

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Here’s what I want you to know about me: I believe that there’s more to life than what our eyes can see. I believe that there’s always more to the story. I believe that God is good, and if we’re looking for it, we can find His goodness all around. I love creating spaces where people feel safe, and I love reminding people that that are loved. I love Jesus, and I also love people, seeing this wide world God made. There’s a special place in m heart for books, coffee, filling our home with people, springtime in Nebraska, and good Tex Mex.

I’m a Texas girl who has happily called Lincoln, NE home since 2005. After years serving alongside my pastor husband as well as writing and teaching Bible Studies for women at my local church, last year I joined a Lincoln nonprofit to run a children’s ministry for underprivileged kids.

We are parents to three boys, the oldest of whom is in college and getting married next year.

My favorite thing about God is that He makes ugly things beautiful. I hope you find something here that encourages you and points you to Jesus. I hope you find that the circle of His love is wider than you think it is. There is room in it for each of us.



Photo credit: The lovely and talented Michaela Reddell of True Beauty Photography.