Links & Resources

I have the great pleasure of serving with and supporting a number of amazing ministries right here in town and around the world. Check them out!

CAMPUS IMPACT: I serve on the leadership team with the college ministry at Lincoln Berean Church, and I have a crush on one of their pastors.

Lincoln Berean Church: I love being a part of this vibrant body of believers. In addition to enjoying the worship and equipping LBC provides, I serve as a teacher with EquipHer, our women’s ministry.

City Impact: This amazing organization is living out Jesus and empowering people in our inner city. I love volunteering as a reading tutor with the Impact Reading Center.

Tiny Hands: Matt & I serve on the ministry council for Tiny Hands, and our college students have raised thousands of dollars to fight sex trafficking in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.

Hope Venture: My friend Cynci started the Hope Venture as a means of meeting physical needs in India and Africa, by connecting resources with needs through trusted partnerships. One of those partnerships is with Mercy for Mamas.

Mercy for Mamas: Mercy for Mamas started in 2010 as a small personal project for my friend Melissa Busby.  Over the past 4 years, Mercy for Mamas has provided Mama Kits for 1000s of women in Uganda – where you have to provide your own sterile supplies for child birth. Mama kits cost only $7/kit, and are purchased and put together in Uganda so all the money goes into Uganda’s economy.

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