Audio Books for your SUMMER ROAD TRIP {Update!}

As we head into summer vacation season, I regularly get asked for audiobook recommendations, entertaining books to listen to on long drives.

Last summer I shared audio books the whole family will love (click here to see a very long list of books people of all ages will enjoy.)   I somehow failed to mention the Wrinkle in Time series, maybe I thought I’d talked about it enough online since I yelled at people all year to read the book before seeing the movie? (Really good advice, the book and the movie are two totally different things…) I read Madeleine L’Engle’s first three Time books (one, two, and three) dozens of times as a child, and listened to them with my kids a few years ago – the narrator is wonderful, and the stories stand the test of time (I can only vouch for the first three, I didn’t learn that there were more in the series until I was an adult. I’ve never read the 5th, and thought the 4th was really weird.)

This summer I’m sharing Audiobooks for Grown Ups: I’ve listened to and loved all of these, and think they’ll make your road trip fly. I organized them by topic/interest area, so you can skim through and find the categories that look like the most fun for you.

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Audio Books for your SUMMER ROAD TRIP

We are driving to Texas to visit my family this summer: About 14 hours from our door to my mom’s door, one way.

That’s a lot of time in the mini-van, people. Everyone wonders how the boys do, but I’m the worst passenger. The kids love road trips because they can watch movies and play on their devices and the time passes quickly. But halfway through the trip I’m stir crazy and driving Matt nuts (“Why aren’t you talking to me?? You don’t love me anymooooooore!” I’m only exaggerating a little.)

We’ve learned that audiobooks will save our marriage from road trips. They keep me occupied, entertain the kids if we don’t want them rotting their brains with 14+ hours of screen time in a row, and help Matt stay focused and alert while driving.

Since we make the drive to either Texas or Colorado every year, and last year we drove the 20+ road to Disney World, we’ve listened to a LOT of audiobooks.

If you’re going on a road trip this summer and looking for some audio book recommendations, I am your girl. Here are 11 audio books/series your whole family will love (plus 3 more at the end that are mostly for adult or teenage ears.) Continue reading