Matt & Renee (2)Hi. I’m Renee.  I’m so glad you stopped by.

I believe that there’s more to life than what our eyes can see. I am worshipper, a wife & a mother, a daughter & sister, a teacher of the Bible, a volunteer, a reader, a talker, an observer, an includer, a question asker and a friend.  I want to be generous, wise, grounded, free, and a better friend, wife, mother, and daughter.

I love Jesus, people, visiting new places, books, coffee, filling our home with people, springtime in Nebraska, and good Tex Mex.

My favorite thing about God is that He makes ugly things beautiful. The circle of His love is wide, and there is room in it for each of us.

I have been teaching, shepherding and mentoring women for almost 20 years, for the first 10 years at Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX. In 2005 I married into motherhood, Nebraska, and the College Ministry at Lincoln Berean Church, where my husband Matt is a pastor. In addition to drinking a lot of coffee with college women, I have had the opportunity to teach through the women’s ministry at my church. Matt and I have 3 very sweet, often rambunctious boys, the youngest of whom was adopted from Uganda in 2011.

For me, this is a creative outlet, a place to process my thoughts and to share what I’m learning and teaching with a wider audience.

For you, I hope this could be a place where you can be reminded that you were created in God’s image (no matter who you are or what you’ve done), and are included in His love. I hope you find a friend here, a soft place to land.

“So Mary trusted God more than what her eyes could see. And she believed. ‘I am God’s servant, whatever God says, I will do.'” – From the Jesus Storybook Bible, by Sally Lloyd Jones.

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