A Blank Check {Living on the Rock}

This week in my Living on the Rock Bible study, we discussed the primary name of God: YAHWEH: I am that I am, the name by which God introduced Himself to Moses and Israel.

These simple words, I AM, express therefore eternity and unchangeableness of existence, which is the very first element necessary in a God who is to be depended upon. No dependence could be placed by any one of us upon a changeable God. He must be the same yesterday, today, and forever, if we are to have any peace or comfort.

But is this all His name implies, simply “I am”? I am what?–we ask. What does this “I am” include?

I believe it includes everything the human heart longs for and needs. This unfinished name of God seems to me like a blank check signed by a rich friend given to us to be filled in with whatever sum we may desire. The whole Bible tells us what it means.

Every attribute of God, every revelation of His character, every proof of His undying love, every declaration of His watchful care, every assertion of His purposes of tender mercy, every manifestation of His loving kindness–all are the filling out of this unfinished “I am.” God tells us through all the pages of His Book what He is. “I am,” He says, “all that my people need”: “I am their strength”; “I am their wisdom”; “I am their righteousness”; “I am their peace”; “I am their salvation”; “I am their life”; “I am their all in all.” – Hannah Whitall Smith, God of All Comfort

I love the idea that Yahweh’s meaning, “I AM” is like a blank check that I can fill in with whatever I need .

Not to say Yahweh will give me material things – He’s not that kind of blank check. But what we all need is not material things.

But He is the answer to every real need that I have. I wonder how often we pray for things—wisdom, peace, strength—and think there is no answer.

But Yahweh is answering.  He is the answer.

He doesn’t just give us what we need. He IS what we need.

I need wisdom: He IS wisdom. I need peace: He IS peace. I need to know that I’m loved: He IS love.

Think about your biggest fears and insecurities. What do you need from God in those areas? How could the name Yahweh be a blank check that meets the needs behind your fears and insecurities?

For me:

I am afraid of rejection. Yahweh says, “I AM acceptance.”

I am afraid of not being loved or lovable. Yahweh says, “I AM love.”

I am afraid of failure. Yahweh says, “I AM enough.”

I don’t know what to do or say. Yahweh says, “I AM WISDOM.”

How could the name Yahweh be a blank check that meets the needs behind your fears and insecurities?

Blank Check

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