Saturdays are for Reading

I am nearly always reading more than one (sometimes more than 5!) books at once, and I try to read at least a little every day. But Saturdays are holy reading days for me, and such a gift. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week, and especially looking forward to reading today:


I am about halfway through Deidra Rigg’s wonderful ONE: Unity in a Divided World. Deidra, through her blog and speaking, has been a tutor to me as I’ve navigated the rhetoric and reality of racial injustice, particularly in the church. I pre-ordered this book and wanted to devour it in one sitting as soon as it arrived. But I’m making myself go slower, to really digest and begin to live out what I’m learning.

This book is a gift to me right where I am today. It is speaking right to my places of unforgiveness, challenging me to lean into Jesus in order to find oneness in my particular circumstances. I love it.

God’s goal is always unity and healing, oneness and reconciliation, so he invites us to begin with mercy.

God invites us to begin with mercy because that’s what he has done for us. He isn’t telling us to move on or buck up or just get over it already. In the mercy seat rests the power of God to heal our deepest hurts. When we engage others form a position of brokenness and hurt, we risk causing more brokenness and hurt. Movign from teh seat of justice and into the seat of mercy has the power to short-circuit hatred, hostility, and hopelessness. Choosing to view a person or a situation through the lens of compassion (which is another way of talking about mercy) makes space for the possibility of oneness and unity.

Deidra Riggs, ONE: Unity in a Divided World


I am also slooooowly working my way through Madeleine L’Engle’s lovely A Circle of Quiet. I read most of L’Engle’s fiction as a child, several of which are lifetime favorites (see below). But I’d never read any of her nonfiction. I LOVE her as a writer, and this memior-ish view of her writerly life and thoughts on family and words and being is just mesmerizing.


My younger 2 and I are listening to the audiobooks of L’Engle’s Time Quintet (I read it as a trilogy, the first 3 books in this series are like childhood friends.) It is a limitless joy to experience them with my kids, and see them fall in love with Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace. A Wrinkle In Time is the first book, loved by all 3 of us. Now we are halfway through A Wind in the Door, meeting a drove of dragons which turns out to be a Cherubim. DELIGHT.

Ava Duverney (!!) is making a movie version of A Wrinkle in Time, coming out next year with Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon and OPRAH WINFREY as the Mrs. Ws (!!!!). It is going to be AMAZING. Please, for the love of everything good, read the book first. It is so very good. You can thank me later.



April is National Poetry Month, and I need to read a Book of Poetry for the reading challenge I’m doing this year (Reading for Growth @ Modern Mrs. Darcy). So I’ve checked  out several poetry books from the library. I was an English Major, love words and reading, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with poetry (intimidation). I remembered loving Emily Dickinson and E.E. Cummings in school, so that’s where I started and am really enjoying them – particularly the way poetry makes you go slowly.

I also have a couple of Mary Oliver’s poetry books on hold, which I expect to enjoy as well. I’d love to read some other living poets, but don’t know where to start. Would love to hear any suggestions.

It’s a GREAT week to read, so thankful for GOOD BOOKS. What are you reading right now?

What I'm Reading Right Now

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