I Will Be Satisfied.

In India this summer, I loved getting to meet people from various religions and learn what they believe and how that faith affects their lives. But I also loved and was greatly impacted by watching and learning from my Indian brothers and sisters, believers in Jesus.

One Sunday evening we had the opportunity to visit a small home-church gathering. This handful of  Indian Christians meet in an apartment in a part of town where very few Christians live, to sing, and pray and study the Bible together each week. It was beautiful.

A young man with a guitar led our singing, interrupting the songs periodically to pray. He thanked the Lord for His presence. For their American guests. For the gift of meeting together. For God’s Word and wisdom and guidance. For His goodness.

As he prayed and sang, this young man would periodically pause and say,

“It is Enough, Lord.”

Since returning to the US, this beautiful prayer, this response of love and trust, has echoed in my mind.

It is Enough, Lord.

I sit down to pray, I gather with other believers to worship, and my mind teems with requests, needs, distractions, desires. I can listen to those things, or I can make the choice to praise God. It is enough, Lord.

My days are full and I’m tempted to jump out of bed straight into my to do list. Sometimes the screaming needs of the day, from little one temper tantrums to 10 year old obstinate sulkiness to  teenager Attitude, make it feel like peace and quiet are long lost to me. I can be carried along on the frantic pace of family life, or I can take a deep breath, remember that God is with me. It is enough, Lord.

I listen to a hurting friend or comfort a crying child, and my heart aches. I stay still long enough to get honest about the deep needs of my own heart, and I feel helpless. I watch the news, overwhelmed with the pain, injustice and division in this hurting world. I can despair. Or I can thank the Lord that He’s not done, the story isn’t over yet. It is enough, Lord.

My whole life I’ve been seeking satisfaction. What if satisfaction is a choice? A subversive, faith-based choice to refuse the lie of scarcity and BE satisfied? What if satisfaction were a legitimate spiritual practice?

As for me, I shall behold Your face in righteousness;
I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake. (Psalm 17:15)

It is enough, Lord.

I Will Be Satisfied Insta Quote


The photos I used in my images are  by albaz alba on Unsplash

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