Checking in on my 18 for 2018 (yikes.)

Instead of traditional New Year’s Resolutions, this year I made a list of 18 things that will make my 2018 happy/happier. I promised myself that I’d check in on this list, publicly, throughout the year. I wrote “CHECK IN ON 18 FOR 2018” on Thursday 2/22 on my calendar. And when I sat down to write this, I decided that could wait and wrote half of another post before I realized that I was running away from honesty and accountability because I’m pretty sure I haven’t started in on any/many of my 18. Yikes.

This is why people hate New Year’s Resolutions, isn’t it?? I’m reminding myself that I don’t have to do these things, I want to do them, and I chose things I think will legitimately make me happier. Also, I have all year, so it’s no biggie if I haven’t even thought of a few of them, right??

So here we are: It’s 2/22, and here’s how I’m doing on my 18 for 2018.

18 for 2018

1. Starting Strong: WE DID IT! Two months, two date nights. In January we went out for Indian food and had a super intense and emotional conversation that was long overdue and necessary, but probably not the most romantic thing ever. This month was better: We had a super fun Valentine’s date this weekend (because who wants to go to a restaurant on actual Valentine’s day? Not me.). Matt took me to the restaurant where we ate on our first Valentine’s day together 14 years ago, on my first visit to Nebraska.

2. Photo books: NOPE. Haven’t given one thought to photo books, and this will have to wait until we have a little more room in our budget (though with the budget in mind, I should probably spread this out over the year rather than trying to do them all at once.)

3. Yoga/movement: LOL, nope. I think I’ve done yoga once since I wrote this, and it’s been way too cold for walks. Oh my high hopes.

4. Calling my parents: 50%… It’s part of my weekly routine to talk to my mom every Sunday, so that one is a done deal. I need to put the call to my dad on my calendar, I really want to stay connected with him and my stepmother, but I won’t call unless I schedule it.


5. Sleep: Pulling up my fitbit app for the hard facts on this one. Last week I hit my goal 1 time (I am totally blaming this on the Olympics.) And the week of 1/8-14 was Influenza week, where I was getting woken up at 5AM by feverish kids every.single.night, so not much I can do about that. But there’s no escaping those numbers, I need to focus on this if I want it to happen.




6. Friends: Other than the weeks my whole schedule was ditched because of sickness, I have done this one! I’d like to be more intentional, particularly with my neighbors (whom I barely see in the winter), but I made this commitment and am following through, and it does make me happy!

7. Write: I forgot this was on there, as this is a commitment I made in the middle of last year. I have written at least twice a week, but I’m not sure if I’m being brave or not….

8. Use what I have: I’ve been using lotion nearly daily, but I haven’t lit a candle since January. I am glad for this reminder to enjoy what I have rather than hoarding or saving it – especially candles and lotion, since I could burn/lotion every day and still not go through my supply.

9. Read 100 books: I’m only at 11 of 100 books for 2018, so who knows if I’ll hit 100 this year. But I’m sure enjoying what I’m reading!

10. Read what you have (before buying or checking out): I am actively cheating on this one, even as I type! I have the loveliest stack of books I bought for cheap at the library sale (or on Kindle deals), received as gifts, or were handed by a friend. But I’m tempted by the new and shiny, so I hear about a book and immediately request it from the library, ignoring all the books in my house waiting to be read. I have read 3 books from that lovely stack, and loved them all (and then, satisfyingly, were able to pass them on to a friend.)  I AM going to stick to this from now on. As soon as I finish the two books I got from the library last week while hanging out with my youngest waiting for my 5th grader to work on his science fair project. Sigh.

11. What’s Next: I have “update my resume” on my to do list THIS WEEK. Y’all, the last time I updated my resume was in 1997. NOT EVEN THIS CENTURY. That’s not intimidating at all…

12. Monthly dates with our boys: This has happened accidentally with my younger two, because life just presents opportunities to spend one on one time with them. I am happy, but do want to be intentional about this – and will have to be intentional if I want any time with my almost 18 year old!

13. Family Photos: Nope. (this will be something for the fall anyway, so it’s ready for Christmas…)

14. Weekly Housekeeping Schedule: Yeah, no chance, man. I’ve been thinking about it, but….

15. Sort & Donate/sell, declutter: As is my wont…I did half of one boys’ room, but haven’t finished or actually removed anything from our home (it’s in bags in the garage.) My tendency to get halfway through large jobs and lose steam is not my husband’s favorite trait. Good thing I’m adorable in so many other ways…

16. Clothes: Well, I’ve succeeded at this one because I haven’t bought any clothing! Yay me!

17. Bedtime Routine: This is a full success. Oddly, it’s easier for me to keep a routine when there’s more to it – so I’m flossing more regularly because I made a whole routine around flossing and washing my face (I’ve been TERRIBLE about washing my face, it has not been a regular part of my routine, ever.)

18. Declutter chair, dresser, night stand: I had a pile of clothes on my chair all last week, but I did put it all away this week! Yay! And my dresser is clear (again, as of this week), though my nightstand has stacks of things. Still working on this one!

Well that wasn’t nearly as bad as I would have guessed! I think I’m going to choose a couple that I haven’t really worked on at all to focus on for the next month or so: Calling my parents for sure, and intentionally having dates with the boys (both of those are monthly, so I can do them ONCE in March and count it as done.) As a regular habit, I am going to focus on #5 and #18. And I really want to hold myself to #10, even if it means I’m avoiding the library as a source of temptation!

Did you make an 18 for 2018 list? Or other New Year’s Resolutions? How are yours going?


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  1. JabbaCoops

    Loved reading your post. You had a great list to work from, clearly very thoughtful. You were so lovely and honest, very refreshing! All the best for the rest of the year, Kath.

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