Ree Reads: April Book Reviews

The reading challenge I set for myself in April was a TOTAL FAIL. Sigh. I did read a lot of great books, but my plan to go back and finish books I'd tried to read and quit was....maybe not that great a plan? Two readerly goodies that I'm excited about and that may be relevant... Continue Reading →


Ree Reads: March Book Reviews

Well, I hit an all-time high in March. Thanks to great audio books and the 8 hour drive to and from my sister's new home in Illinois, plus several books I COULD NOT PUT DOWN, I read eleven books this month. YAY! I loved all of the non-fiction I read this month for very different... Continue Reading →

Ree Reads: February Book Reviews

Every month I do quick reviews of the books I've read: Because I love to share good things and because the only thing I like better than reading books is TALKING about books. This was a GREAT reading month, partially because of good books, and partially because my poor kids had influenza, so I was... Continue Reading →

What I’m Reading: January Book Reviews

Every month I do quick reviews of the books I've read. I LOVE to read, but have very specific tastes and am a highly sensitive reader, so for years I just read non-fiction and middle-grade novels (with Hunger Games and the like, large portions of YA entered territory too stressful or graphic for me.) I... Continue Reading →

My Best Reads: 2017

It was a GREAT year for reading! I didn't make my goal (100 books in 2017), but I did read  23 more books than I read last year. And I might make it to 72 books read by the actual end of the year, if I finish everything I'm reading right now. Goodreads makes a... Continue Reading →

What I’m Reading: October Book Reviews

I am in the middle of about 6 books right now. Seriously, I need to stick with one at a time. But I'm usually listening to one, and reading a fiction and a non-fiction. At the moment I had so many non-fiction books I want to read I started a bunch and read whatever I... Continue Reading →

What I’m Reading Right Now: September Book Review

Things stay pretty full around here until our college retreat in mid-October, so I'm excited to see that I was able to get 6 books read in September. But because I know some of you think audiobooks don't count as reading (they totally count.), full disclosure: I listened to 3 of these. I can't really pick... Continue Reading →

I am a Shalom Sista

I've been thinking about the concept of peace for a long time. In my family, peace was the absence of conflict, something you kept by not arguing, not rocking the boat. In the Christian environment I was born into in college, peace was this magical quality that helped you make decisions. "I had a peace... Continue Reading →

The Journey from People-pleasing to God-pleasing (a review of UNSEEN: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to Be Noticed, by Sara Hagerty)

My whole life I've cared more about what people think of me than is healthy or helpful. Image management has been my mode as long as I can remember, and I have a pattern of caring more about reputation than I do about reality. In my first days learning to follow Jesus I began to... Continue Reading →

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