Hanging on to the promise: God with us

God is WITH us. This is gospel, this is good news.

We invite people to become Christians.  And we’ve hopefully responded to that invitation ourselves. But do we live the truth that believing Jesus is just the beginning?

Trusting Christ opens the door to a life WITH Jesus. John says, “THIS Is eternal life, that they may KNOW YOU, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.”

What difference does it make, as you think about walking with Jesus, to know that you are more than just a Christian? You are one who lives her life WITH GOD. You are more than “saved”, you have a WITH YOU God.

I don’t know what you are facing today. But I do know that God is WITH you.

Will you respond? Will you say YES to the great with you promise of Jesus? Will you welcome Him in, remind yourself that you’re not alone, put out the hands of your heart and hold on to Jesus, with you in whatever you’re going through?

I hope so. Because I personally am hanging on TIGHT to this promise.

For the last 2+ years my family has been in a season of great instability and transition. It’s a First world issue, not our health or safety, but we’re facing things that require forgiveness and wisdom and a willingness to wait on God to deliver and save and lead and guide, and I am not always that willing to wait. Our circumstances stand ready to undermine my sense of security and identity.

And I am not sure a good outcome is guaranteed. I am trying hard to believe the best of everyone involved, and I absolutely trust God to bring good out of it in the long run.

But I don’t know how long that run is going to be. And I’ve been running for a while already.

I also don’t know how rocky or dangerous the path is going to be, for me…my husband…my kids… the people I care most about.

I am certain I am not the only woman walking a path she didn’t choose, a path she wouldn’t have chosen for herself or those she loves.

I don’t know what God is doing, in my life or yours. I don’t know where it will lead , I don’t know what tomorrow holds.

But I do know God is WITH ME. He is WITH  my husband, He is with my boys, He is even WITH those who – in my mind – made the decisions that put us in this position.

God is WITH ME. I’m hanging on tight to that promise.

And He is WITH YOU. So I invite you to hang on tight as well.


If you are also wrestling with what it means to live in uncertainty but hold tight to God’s promise that He is with you, I want to invite you to journal or pray through the following questions. These have been helpful for me, I hope they’ll help you as well.

Take a moment and think about the promise that God is with us – a promise that is in the Bible from beginning to end. Sith with this promise for a a few minutes.

What does this promise mean to you, practically?

In your present circumstances, what difference does it make that you are not alone?

Close your eyes, and picture yourself lifting your hands to God. Maybe you can only reach one hand out to Him, that’s OK. If this is hard for you, that’s OK too, just tell Him it’s hard, and ask for help.

If you can, reach out in your imagination and hold hands with Jesus.



Picture the hardest thing you’re facing right now. Picture Him, facing it with you.


Write out a prayer (or pray in your mind if you’re not a journaler), thanking Him for being WITH you, always.

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