Free Bible Study Goodness

Popping in with a little bloggy business for you today. I wanted you to notice I have a new link up there ^^^ on my blog menu. See that? Where it says FREE BIBLE STUDIES AND RESOURCES?


Why yes.

I’ve been writing Bible studies for over 10 years for my local church, through my role in the college ministry and women’s ministry. It is one of the joys of my chosen vocation.

And it is a never ending delight to my heart to get my studies into the hands of other churches and ministries. I’ve been asked for copies many times over the years, to be used by churches and groups in other towns, states, and even around the world. It makes me so happy!


One of the projects I am working on this summer is getting everything I’ve written ready to share here on the blog, so they will be more easily accessible. (Up until now, people have to email me and ask, then I send them a PDF of what I used, with all the dates and information from when I taught the study – so I’m cleaning all that up!)

Check back regularly and see what I have for you.

Or (even better!)  sign up for my email list, and I’ll let you know when I’ve added new resources!

Right now, there’s just one study on there and ready to be downloaded (free!): a 12 week study on the Sermon on the Mount, which has been one of the most impacting and challenging studies I’ve ever participated in. I’ve done it with a group of 20 or so college students, adapted it for all 200 in our college small group Bible study, and taught it as part of a Bible study with 40 women through our Tuesday morning Bible study. It is good stuff, if for sure the hardest Bible study for me to write (not because it is hard to understand, but it is super challenging to live.)

Coming soon:

Living on the Rock: Finding Security in an Insecure World (A 12 week Bible study on the character of God, focused on moving beyond just knowing the truth to applying and living in it day by day.)

The Call of Jesus: Making Room to Hear and Respond to Jesus In Our Busy Lives (An 8 week Bible study organized around different invitations Jesus made: Follow Me, Come to Me, Abide in Me, and more.)

Teach Us to Pray (An 8 week study of the Lord’s Prayer. In this topical study, each week focuses on one phrase of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray.)

And more…

Bible Study Goodness


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