The Time I Stole from One of My Favorite Writers (Accidentally.)

I’ve been reading Anne Bogel’s blog for a couple of years now and I listen to What Should I Read Next religiously – first thing on Tuesday morning, every Tuesday. Nearly every book I read is one I learned about from MMD or WSIRN. Many of my friends know about Modern Mrs. Darcy now, but for a while there I just called her “my book lady” because I don’t have a lot of local friends who read literary lifestyle blogs.

Well, my book lady published her first book last month, and I was so excited. I knew I would like Anne’s book, and I want to support her work.

But I also knew I pre-ordered a LOT of books this summer, and have spent more on books than I’m supposed to (actual spending too, not just library fines, which is how I usually spend my money on books…)

So as the late September release date of Reading People drew near, I waffled back and forth about whether or not I should buy it. A free link to the audiobook was a pre-order freebie, and since I’m so used to Anne’s voice, that is what I really wanted.

I decided to just wait and use my Audible monthly credit for Reading People, since I preferred to listen anyway.

And then the release date rolled around, it showed up on my Kindle and Matt asked me about the charge in our bank account. What??

OK, so all that waffling in August and September? I’D BOUGHT THE BOOK IN JUNE. Matt – who’d listened to all my decision making rigamarole for literally a MONTH –  rolled his eyes so hard at me. But it was OK, he could cancel the order.

Later that week I was waiting for a meeting and decided to go ahead and get the audio book, so it could be loading in my audible app and I could listen to it over the weekend. I texted Matt first, to make sure he’d canceled the original order.

“Hey Babe! Did you cancel my Reading People order?”

“No, sorry, the charge came through last night, I didn’t realize when the deadline was.”

UGH. Now I had pre-ordered, but missed the pre-order goodies! I was happy to have the Kindle version, but now I was going to have to use one of my Audible credits if I wanted to listen to it (and I was pretty committed to the audiobook at this point, I don’t know why that hadn’t occurred to me in the first place.)

Before clicking through on, I decided it was worth at least asking if there was any chance I could still get the pre-order goodies. I get the Modern Mrs. Darcy newsletter, so I just replied to the email, explained the situation (including my husband’s eye roll), and asking if there was any chance I could still get the pre-order bonus.

After my meeting I found the nicest email in my inbox, from Anne Bogel, my book lady herself (or her assistant, but if so her assistant is really good at imitating her written voice and tone.) She said yes and that I wasn’t the only one who had done this.

So I quickly clicked through and started the process of downloading the free audiobook. Yay me! I wondered if I should send her a screen shot of the order from back in June, she hadn’t even asked for proof. My book lady is so nice, y’all.

I started listening on my way home, through the after school carpool run, and back and forth taking my youngest to dance and running errands that evening. T and Matt were at a soccer game, and we decided to meet for dinner after soccer and dance.

Friday night at Old Chicago Pizza can mean quite a crowd, so as we waited for our table I thought I’d download the kindle version of Reading People to my phone, so I could keep reading as I waited (there are 8,000 TVs there so the boys were fully entertained.)

Except I couldn’t find Reading People in my Kindle Library anymore. I mentioned it to Matt, and he said, “Isn’t that the book I cancelled for you?”


When he texted me that no, he hadn’t cancelled it? Y’all, he was talking about something else entirely. Not even a BOOK. Not even something we had ever talked about him cancelling for me.

I practically screamed in the waiting area, “BUT I EMAILED HER AND SHE GAVE ME FREE THINGS FOR BUYING HER BOOK!”

So that’s how I accidentally stole from one of my favorite writers.

**  I am not a thief.  I hopped onto Amazon right that second and bought the Kindle version. Again. I thought about emailing Anne and telling her this story. But I couldn’t bring myself to type out and send “Thanks for the pre-order goodies, turns out I was lying but not really, and I bought it again!!” I have no idea how Amazon’s algorithms work, or if the same person buying and returning a book will mess anything up. I hope not. **

I think Matt might try to ban me from pre-ordering books from now on. (Just like he tries to ban me from the library every time he notices a ridiculous fine pass through our checking account.) Good luck with that, babe.

Reading People by Anne Bogel

Reading People by Anne Bogel is in fact a delightful book, either to read or listen.  I finished listening over that weekend, and I am glad to have the kindle version handy because it is definitely a book I will return to. If ever there were a book worth buying twice…or three times….or whatever I did there, this was it!





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