Thank you so much for joining me here on More Than Eyes Can See

I’m beginning to process the blur that was 2017, and I am so thankful for you, my readers who have joined me in this little corner of the internet. When I started blogging again, I had three goals:

I wanted to learn to write on a deadline, not just when inspiration struck. I decided I would write twice a week, every week, whether I felt like it or not. I set aside Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, thinking time was my biggest hurdle. Friend, I wish I could tell you setting aside the time to write made me actually write. What it did was show me my very worst distraction and procrastination tendencies. But I also learned how to push through those tendencies, and how to set myself up for success (most of the time. Biggest tactic: Don’t pretend you’re going to write at home where there are 800 things asking to be done, plus a super comfy couch calling you to nap.)

I wanted to learn to write for an audience. I’m still working on this one, writing to a specific reader and being brave enough to put my writing out into the world. I have some plans for the new year to learn and grow in this area. But I consider this a success because in the beginning I just wrote and didn’t tell anyone, afraid to post on social media, worried people would think I was trying to be Beth Moore or something (my mom thinks I’m the next Beth for sure, Hi Mom!)

I wanted to write regularly and grow as a writer. I didn’t know how to measure this one, and wasn’t sure I had changed as a writer at all. And then I decided to revamp some things I wrote a few years ago. I was HORRIFIED, reading some of my older blog posts (from this and previous blogs), embarrassed at my own long-windedness and severe abuse of the exclamation point, parentheses and ellipses. (Y’all: I love an ellipsis. And I probably still overuse the parentheses.)

Looking back over this year of blogging

I have appreciated the encouraging comments I’ve received on here, on social media, and in real life. It is so good to know that my work is encouraging you, and I am thankful for the connection and the way you affirm my gifts.

My number one favorite thing this year on More Than Eyes Can See is definitely Waiting on God: A 4 Week Advent Devotional. THANK YOU for joining me on this Advent Journey, whether you bought the PDF or are receiving the daily emails.

I love writing about Faith and God and Life, but my most popular posts (by a LOT) were about parenting.

2017 Top posts on More Than Eyes Can See




If there is anything you’d like to see more (or less!) of in 2017, drop a comment or send me an email, I would love to hear (though if you’re asking for fewer parentheses, I am not sure I can actually do that.)


2017 Thank You (Insta)


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