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Hanging on to the promise: God with us

God is WITH us. This is gospel, this is good news. We invite people to become Christians.  And we’ve hopefully responded to that invitation ourselves. But do we live the truth that believing Jesus is just the beginning? Trusting Christ opens the door to a life WITH Jesus. John says, “THIS Is eternal life, that they…

The Prayer That Never Fails

I’m pretty picky about Christian fiction (because I was an English major, and therefore a book snob), but there are a couple of Christian series that I really love. One is the Mitford books, by Jan Karon ,  about Father Tim, an Episcopalian priest who lives in a small town in North Carolina. They are kind…

On the Front Porch with Jesus {Prayer}

So I am trying to make it a practice to imagine my soul coming out of hiding, out of the house, to find Jesus on the front porch. I picture Him sitting on a swing waiting for me. I sit down. I breathe deeply. I sit for a while with my head on His shoulder knowing that I’m loved and not saying anything. Sometimes I imagine Him asking me how my soul is doing. And I answer. And sometimes I just listen.