Welcoming 2018: A Prayer

This is the year the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I welcome You in this new year, Lord, and I want more of You. Remind me of how much I need you. Make me small in my own eyes, but remembering I am greatly loved. Keep me close to you, always.

I receive this new year from you, Lord. I welcome all it brings, whatever it brings.

I trust you. Whether this year holds that which looks good and easy, or that which seems hard and harsh, I trust You.

I release my thoughts, plans, and expectations for this new year. I release my illusions of control. I release my tendency to manage outcomes (for myself and others). I release even my hopes and dreams.

I welcome Your control, Your outcomes, Your hopes and dreams for me and for the world around me.

In this new year I welcome unexpected twists and turns. Not my will, but Yours be done.

As I walk the path of 2018, let me walk in love. Let me walk in faith, not fear. Responding rather than reacting. Gentle with myself and others.

And let me walk in hope. Not hope in my plans or desired outcomes, not even in the hope that You will do what I want.

In 2018 let me walk in the great hope that you are with me, always. And let me walk in the hope of redemption: that your goodness is big enough to bring goodness even in things that are not good, in all this year holds, whatever this year holds.


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